Life Insurance and Assignment Funding

Life insurance policies are aimed at creating an amount of financial money at the time of death and allows the beneficiary to transfer ownership under a life insurance policy to a 3rd party funeral home or life insurance assignment company. When the ownership rights are transferred and provide certain costs related to the the burial and funeral service of the insured individual.

Assigning life insurance policies to a funeral home and then re-assigning it to a funeral funding company is a normal process by the beneficiary wishing to fund or pay for the specific funeral costs from the proceeds of the policy. Assignment of an insurance policy is very useful to families who have a certain amount to spend, but do not have to come up with the funds out of pocket. More importantly, they do not have to discuss between family members or deceased loved ones. Families benefit from the offload of the pain and suffering of filling out paperwork while at the same time having to deal with funeral director and assignment company involved. It’s a welcomed relief and service to many families.

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