Surety Capital Corporation ensures quality services, experienced and professional staff and prompt payment.

Our assignment funding is tailored to the unique circumstances surrounding each family. Our goal is to satisfying the needs of our funeral directors and the families they serve. In every case, our experienced staff strives to improve the overall service funding process, reduce administrative costs, provide a no-risk recourse and eliminate accounts receivable.

Be Sure with Surety


Prompt Claim Payment

Assignment funding with Surety is quick, with 1 form to sign and fast, efficient service.


Attorneys, CPA's & Insurance Experts on Staff

Experienced management team made up of attorneys, CPAs and insurance experts. Surety Capital Corporation combines years of professional industry expertise.


Quick Processing and Faster Payments

If we don't get a claim verified and paid to you within 48 hours of receiving all necessary forms, our fee is reduced 1%.

How Surety Solves Your Assignment Funding

The Oldest Assignment Funding Company in America

#1: As a funeral director you want to get payments fast. We get claims verified & paid within 48 hours of receiving all necessary forms, or you're fee is discounted 1%.

#2: Once you have received your funds, no need to worry about following up leave that to us.

#3: We take our commitment to ensuring you get paid to the next level by helping you navigate the legal system with contestable claims.

Surety Capital Corporation delivers compassionate funeral expense funding, from knowledgeable and experienced staff.

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Fee Calculator

Use our fee calculator to help you determine the fees associated with your funeral assignment.

You take care of families.
Surety takes care of the funeral payment.