Surety Capital Corporation solves the problems that funeral directors face by helping them get paid faster.

No worries about assignment funding.
No headaches involving slow claims.
And no problems navigating the legal system.

The Surety 5-Step
Assignment Process

Step: 1: The funeral home or cemetery gets an assignment of the insurance policy and calls or faxes the pertinent information to Surety Capital Corporation.

Step: 2: Surety Capital Corporation Claims Department verifies this information with the insurance company.

Step: 3: Surety Capital Corporation calls the funeral home or cemetery to inform it of the findings of the verification process.

Step 4: The funeral home or cemetery sends Surety Capital Corporation the completed forms. (Completion of Verification Form auto-populates most fields in all other required forms. Complete the balance manually, sign where required, and fax using pre-printed fax cover form.)

Step 5: Surety Capital Corporation sends the funeral home or cemetery payment by overnight mail, wire, or ACH funds transfer, directly into the client’s bank account. Client sends original documents to us when obtained to complete the transaction and close the case.

Click the button link below to access our most current forms.

The forms can be filled out online and printed for faxing back to us. The Forms Package contains all forms needed to start the process. These versions will also "auto populate" several required fields.

Please FAX all required documents back to 817.984.8809

Express Payment — your payment will be issued on receipt and verification of your faxed documents. Typically the same day documents are faxed.

Mail Originals — after you receive your funds immediately mail the original documents that you faxed. If available include a certified copy of the death certificate. If not, then mail all other originals and send the death certificate(s) as soon as possible.