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Most families have life insurance. The family can use the death benefits of the decedent’s insurance to pay their funeral expenses by assigning these benefits to you. This guarantees payment of your service fees. When Surety Capital Corporation works for you and your firm, we assume these roles and transfer your funds immediately – you are no longer the banker nor the collection agency. And because we have been doing this so long, and because this is all we do, you can’t find a better partner to handle your insurance assignments.

A few key points that distinguish us from the vast majority of our competitors:

  • We prepare all the insurance forms for you, thus saving a substantial amount of your employees’ time.
  • We are the only funding company with in-house legal staff dedicated solely to litigating disputes with insurance companies when they make an error in the payment or verification of insurance assignments.
  • We offer overnight mail, Wires and ACH/Direct deposit.
  • We improve your business cash flow by paying your claims within hours after verification.
  • We offer cash advances for families.
  • We give full accounting to our clients on all active and completed claims on a monthly basis.


To facilitate your business’ cash flow and add to your personal and financial peace of mind, our services will:

  • Eliminate your billing, paperwork, and time-consuming follow-up calls.
  • Put an end to small monthly installment payments.
  • Improve immediate cash flow - allowing you to make payroll, pay taxes, or take advantage of supplier discounts in a timely manner.
  • Eliminate your conflicts with insurance companies and families concerning collectability.
  • Eliminate the question of whether the beneficiary will actually pay your firm after they are paid by the insurance company.
  • Remove the financial anxiety for your client families and put them at ease.
  • Allow families to plan the kind of funerals they are proud of, rather than scaling down due to unavailable cash.
  • Allow your bereaved families to deal with their grief without having to make complex and troubling business decisions, and guarantee payment of each and every funeral bill.


We also have CPAs and ACCOUNTANTS on staff to make sure you receive proper financial accuracy from the insurance company making sure your claims are properly paid thus making your business more profitable.