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Surety Capital Corporation has been operating in the funeral funding space for several years.  We were founded by industry professionals who effectively invented the business nearly four decades ago, and who have been at the forefront in service improvements and innovations since those early days. The terms you hear, the forms used, and the practices employed throughout the industry were as often as not first implemented by our team of founding professionals.

In addition to our management team, claims processing and marketing personnel, we presently have on our staff the following professionals:

  • Insurance investigators (4)
  • Attorney at Law (1)
  • Certified Public Account (1)
  • Insurance agent (1)

This level of experienced professional staffing allows us to process our clients’ claims with utmost efficiency and accuracy, and when problem cases do arise (as they always will), we have the resources to go after the insurance companies, rather than after providers or families. And we do so, regularly and successfully, much to their chagrin.